December 6th, 2008

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Ended: Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic (signed)

42-author flash fiction and poetry anthology Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, edited by Karen A. Romanko, signed by the editor.

Sporty Spec views sports and games with a speculative twist, in prophesied futures, parallel presents, and imagined pasts. From tennis matches with Death to chess games with Oberon, from free throws with the Fairy Court to surfing with werewolves, every sport imaginable (and a few unimaginable) exist within this speculative city of games. Contributors include: Ruth Berman, Samantha Henderson, Lawrence Schimel. Paul Abbamondi, Marge Simon, Robert Frazier, E. C. Myers, C. A. Gardner, James S. Dorr, Todd Wheeler, Deborah P Kolodji, Jude-Marie Green, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Roger Dutcher, Amanda M. Hayes, Larry Hodges, G. O. Clark, Jennifer Crow, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Rob Rosen, Andrew C. Ferguson, and 21 more.

Trade paperback, 156 pages, Raven Electrick Ink, November 2007. ISBN-10: 0615173616 

More info here:

Minimum bid: $10.00 ($13.95 list, $12.55 at Amazon)

Doc Savage


I'm offering a signed copy of my Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction, due out from MonkeyBrain Books in fall 2009 or spring 2010. A kind of sequel to my Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes, clocking in at 740K words (~1100 pages) and 6200+ entries, is a guide to the characters and concepts of global popular culture from the years 1902 to 1945. Characters from 52 countries (not including the US, Canada, and the UK) are included. The sources drawn from include science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, pulps, slicks (mainstream magazines), newspapers, radio serials, movie serials, comic strips, and the wide variety of media and formats of serialized fiction that the world had to offer in those years.

A somewhat typical set of six entries is here, and a (outdated, superseded) list of the first five pages of entries is here.

I'll send the signed copy off to the winning bidder as soon as my copies arrive. Cover price is going to be in the $65-$75 range; starting bid is $25.
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ENDED: Offer: A collection of tea samples

I have a collection of loose-leaf tea samples (5) for auction. These are teas I've custom blend. I blend teas for charity, They will each be good for around 5 - 10 cups of tea, ranging from black tea to red tea, with white and green in between. Might throw in an oolong if you're lucky. :) They will be labeled in little baggies. I can include steeping instructions, if needed.

As an added bonus, I will offer my custom tea blending skills to the winner, and blend a tea to their liking, which they can purchase from my site (and support charity).

I'll cover shipping.

Starting Bid: $10

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)
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Offer: a Handmade Jayne Cobb Hat

Are you a fan of Firefly and Serenity?

Are you a Browncoat?

Check out this very cunning hat! It'll keep you warm during the winter, and get you noticed anytime you wear it.

Adam Baldwin said, "I am no expert in stitchery, but this is a mighty fine hat!"

Up for auction is a handmade Jayne Cobb hat from our very own Ma Cobb, Claudia! It is made from wool yarn.  We normally sell these for charity at They go for $35 plus $5 domestic shipping, $10+ for International.

Starting bid: $30

Shipping is free within USA. Discounted shipping for international. Can do custom sizing.

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)
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Offer Ended: Don’t forget your four-legged friends!

Does you cat or dog need a quilt?

I am about ready to make another animal quilt. My animal quilts are approximately 32” x 29”, machine pieced and quilted by me. Of course, if your animal is larger I can accommodate you by making it a bit larger. After the auction, a picture of the pet would be helpful.

The color is my choice but it will be made in the crazy quilt pattern.

It will take time to produce – this will not be instant gratification - but it will arrive on your doorstep sometime during the first three months of 2009, freshly laundered with label attached.

Here are examples of previously made animal quilts.

These small quilts can be used to line a basket or placed over your furniture where you loved one insists upon napping (see Danu!). When it gets dirty all you need do is vacuum off the hair and throw the quilt in the washer.

This offer remains open until December 20th

Minimum Bid: $175
Buy it Now: $300
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CLOSED: HelpVera: Books, great and small, Part 1

I have a fine copy of George Orwell's NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR: NY: Harcourt Brace, (1949). First American Edition. The source for the concepts of "thought police," "doublethink," and "Big Brother." One of Pringle's hundred best science fiction novels, a Burgess 99 and Connolly 100 title, and also chosen as one of the novels of the century by the Modern Library, Radcliffe, Waterstone's and the New York Public Library. A fine copy in a near fine, red dust jacket with light wear to the edges and folds. One of the defining books of the modern era. (I cadged part of this description from the entry in Collectibles in for a copy priced at $650.00. I believe, from their description, that my copy is in significantly better condition.)

I have several more detailed photographs I will email to anyone who's seriously interested.

Starting price: $250.00. (Edited to add: I'll pay for shipping, which will include insurance.)

(Edited to add: As requested by the organizers of HelpVera, I'm posting here that this auction ends Dec. 20 at noon PST.)
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CLOSED: HelpVera: Books, great and small, Part 2

First edition John Hersey's HIROSHIMA. Dust cover is torn to about halfway up on the spine, foxed and rubbed on edges. Stain about 1 1/2" wide along edges of about twenty pages. Owners' names in ink and pencil on front first free page and back free page. Small tan stain on page 41. I would call this copy "acceptable," but I'm not a professional bookseller.

Starting price: $35.00 (Edited to add: I'll pay for shipping.)

(Edited to add: As requested by the organizers of HelpVera, I'm posting here that this auction ends Dec. 20 at noon PST.)
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CLOSED: HelpVera: Books, great and small, Part 3

I am offering three copies of my own collection of short stories, THE OUTLIERS: Stories from the lonely fringe. This is a self-published book using It contains 16 short stories of mine that were published in small press and online speculative fiction ezines. I will gladly sign the book according to your wishes.

Starting price: $10.00. (Edited to add: I'll pay for shipping.)

(Edited to add: As requested by the organizers of HelpVera, I'm posting here that this auction ends Dec. 20 at noon PST.)

Auction Offer: Your Name in a Story written by Leslie What

You are bidding on an auction to place your name in the short story I am currently writing.  The primary characters are the tragic mother, the compelling daughter (who is also the narrator), and the pesky little brother.  There is an offstage father and some offstage minor characters.  The story will most likely have odd elements of the fantastic in a contemporary and realistic setting and could be classified as a modern fairy tale. The story is called French Leave, and while I cannot guarantee it will be published, I can say that I've published nearly every story I have written in the last few years and I believe this will be a very good story and will find its audience. 

Here is the opening of the story, which may change as I revise and rework the piece.

At school we were learning about the Five Ws (plus the "How"), and that every paragraph we wrote needed to answer these questions or we wouldn't get credit for completing the assignment.  I understood the who, the where, and the when, but I was clueless about the what or the why and the how.  Daddy had just come home on Monday night from what Mom had called "French leave" after being gone for almost a year.  On Tuesday morning Mom bundled _____YOUR NAME HERE IF YOU'RE MALE____ and me into sweats and said we were going for a hike in the Plateau.

"What about school?" I asked.

Mom said, "____YOUR NAME HERE IF YOU'RE FEMALE____," and paused, like she was trying not to yell.  "I'll write a note."

I will be happy to sign a copy of the finished manuscript and snail mail it to the winning bidder.  I will attempt to alert the winning bidder when the story is published, but please know that sometimes the wait between sending out a story and acceptance can take time, so if your email address changes, I won't be able to find you.  I try to keep my web page updated, and you should be able to find word of the story's status at although there is always a slight possibility that the title may change, though this is a very rare occurrence. The muse being a fragile and unpredictable force, there is always a small possibility that the story will not be completed, but again, this is very rare for me, and i do not expect any difficulties finishing this piece. If the story appears in a print medium, I cannot guarantee I will get enough contributor's copies to send you a copy, though I can usually buy extras at a discount and we could work something out if you want a signed copy.

Opening bid:  $5.00  (If you want to choose names for both the brother and the sister, the bid can be doubled at the auction end)

CLOSED--Pet Cameo up for Bid

You can immortalize your pet in a literary work!

For awhile now I've been offering pet cameos at auction for local non-profits. My novel, Mind Over Ship (Tor, Jan. 20 2009) includes two dogs who each fetched over $100 for the Fairbanks Symphony Association auction. The auction winner sends me a photo and a little bio sketch of their pet, and I'll fit the pet by name and description into an upcoming story or novel. In the past some of these animals have taken part at critical plot points!

For Vera's auction I'll donate one pet cameo. Can be pretty much any kind of animal. If it lives with you I should be able to fit it in. (Alternatively, I can do a cameo of your favorite boat, car, country estate, etc. No living people please).

A story I'm currently working on has a pivotal role played by a dog, and it's available for bidding. Other animals may have to wait a story or book or two to fit in. If a story or novel goes unpublished, I'll include your pet in the next until it is published. Minimum bid is $35.00.
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ended: signed book

There are only a few copies left of my first poetry book, "underfoot ," which was published in 1991 by Bob Grumman of Runaway Spoon Press.  I will inscribe a copy any way you like and I'll pay the postage to send it wherever you want.  The book retails for five dollars.  I'll start the bidding at $4.  If I haven't done this correctly, I hope someone will tell me what I should have done.

ENDED - One Poem, Choice of Form and Subject

I will write a poem on your choice of subject, in your choice of form.  I have written and sold  free verse, blank verse, haiku, tanka, cinquains, sonnets (three types), villanelles, terza rima, rondeau, triolet, ottava rima, ballades, rubaiyat, and various forms of norse and old english alliterative verse, etc.   I'm quite willing to attempt a form new to me, if you can point me towards information and examples :)

I will type this poem out on nice paper (you do _not_ want me to hand write it), sign it, and mail it anywhere in the world.

I am an Aurora Award winning poet, and my poems have appeared in such publications as Mythic Delirium, Star*Line, Strange Horizons, and Dreams and Nightmares.

Starting bid: $5

Auction Offer: New Edition of The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Hero Cover

As the publishing director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, I edited this wonderful (if I do say so myself) new release of Joseph Campbell's seminal work on the classic hero quest motif.

You are bidding on a brand new copy of this work—signed by me or not, at your option!

Here's the publisher's blurb on the book:

Since its release in 1949, The Hero with a Thousand Faces has influenced millions of readers by combining the insights of modern psychology with Joseph Campbell’s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology. In these pages, Campbell outlines the Hero’s Journey, a universal motif of adventure and transformation that runs through virtually all of the world’s mythic traditions. He also explores the Cosmogonic Cycle, the mythic pattern of world creation and destruction.

As part of the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Collected Works of Joseph Campbell, this third edition features expanded illustrations, a comprehensive bibliography, and more accessible sidebars.

As relevant today as when it was first published, The Hero with a Thousand Faces continues to find new audiences in fields ranging from religion and anthropology to literature and film studies. The book has also profoundly influenced creative artists—including authors, songwriters, game designers, and filmmakers—and continues to inspire all those interested in the inherent human need to tell stories.

Starting bid: $22.95 (cover price)

ENDED: One-off collection of my short stories

I have created a one-off collection containing ten of my published stories at AnthologyBuilder. It is not in AnthologyBuilder's public library, so no-one else will be able to buy it.

I'll buy the anthology and ship it to you, most likely direct, so it won't be signed, but you will be thanked by name in my personalised introduction.

This link takes you to the cover art:

The title will be: Touching Distance - Stories by Vaughan Stanger

Minimum bid: $10

Edit (December 8): 

As I did not set a deadline, this auction defaults to closing one week after it opened, i.e. December 13, at 12:39.

Any more bids?

ENDED Offer: 'The Starry Rift' signed by Tricia Sullivan

I'm offering a hardcover copy of THE STARRY RIFT young adult anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan, published earlier this year.  It includes stories by some big names in SF, and although I can't get all of them to sign it for you, I'll sign it!

1. Repair Kit, Stephen Baxter
2. Anda’s Game, Cory Doctorow
3. Lost Continent, Greg Egan
4. The Dismantled Invention of Fate, Jeffrey Ford
5. Orange, Neil Gaiman
6. Sundiver Day, Kathleen Ann Goonan
7. Cheats, Gwyneth Jones
8. An Honest Day’s Work, Margo Lanagan
9. The Surfer, Kelly Link
10. Incomers, Paul McAuley
11. The Dust Assassin, Ian McDonald
12. Infestation, Garth Nix
13. The Star Surgeon’s Apprentice, Alastair Reynolds.
14. Post-Ironic Stress Syndrome, Tricia Sullivan
15. Ass-Hat Magic Spider, Scott Westerfeld
16. Pinocchio, Walter Jon Williams.

I'll cover shipping.

Minimum bid $10.

ENDED: Jo's Hands


You are bidding on Jo's hands -- to make you a bracelet, set of earrings or necklace of your choice. Any length, any beads, any findings within reason.

I am limited only by the materials I can get and my ability as a beader. I'm not yet very good at bead weaving (though I can do right angle weaves pretty well), and if you really want a wire wrap pendant I can try, but the result might be a little squashed and lopsided. I only ask that you ask for reasonable materials: so please, no 24 carat gold clasps or precious stones like Emeralds (unless you're willing to spring for the material costs).

Here are some examples of my work (note also that I can do jewelry for men):

Opening bid: $20

Buy it now: $100

Availability: 2

Ended: Signed Set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Books

Up for auction:

The Willow Files, Vol. 1 - Novelization of 3 of the BTVS show scripts
The WillowFIles, Vol. 2 - Novelization of 3 of the BTVS show scripts
Tempted Champions - Original novel
Paleo - Original novel
Wicked Willow 1: The Darkening - Original novel
Wicked Willow 2: Shattered Twilight - Original novel
Wicked Willow 3: Broken Sunrise - Original novel

Signed by the author, Yvonne Navarro, and can be dedicated to whomever you wish.  Excellent holiday gift for a young adult or adult.  (Willow Files 1 and 2 are more geared toward Young Adult.)

Opening Bid: $10.00

Free shipping via Media Mail, or Buyer pays for Priority Mail.
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ENDED Offer: your likeness in a flash game

For a sample of the quality, see my latest flash game: Ice-9.

I don't know what the game will be, but most likely a puzzle game in the same vein, or possibly a basic platformer. I'm open to suggestions for what you'd like to see.

Your likeness (or a pet or favorite object, as per below posts) used in a non-defamatory manner (unless you want ;) -- but I'll want a model release form for the project).

Starting bid: $5

Buy it now: $100

Note: It's helpful if you bid as a reply to the last bid, so that previous bidders are (by default, anyway) notified. :)
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Offer: Video Slide Show (DVD format)

Another service offered by the Austin Browncoats, We are a Non-Profit Organization and support charitable causes, like this.

Do you have a special event coming up? Want to give the gift of a video to remember for your special day?

The higher the bidding, the more photos you can use. For example if the bidding is at $50 I will make a video using 25 photos; $100 I will use 50 photos and so on. Many of these video memories go for hundreds of dollars and have far fewer photos.

What I need from you:
photos in whatever format you can provide, be it pdf, jpg, etc. (Jpg is preferred)
Music that you wish to have on your video
Order you want the photos in
Event details (the story you wish to tell, etc. whatever would help me piece together the message you wish to say, etc.)
What you get in return:
2 copies of a DVD video (one for you and one to give as a gift to the intended)
A great video for your event with memories to share for years to come
I have given them as gifts myself and have paying customers as well. I take the photos you submit, put them in the order you wish to have them in, and set it to your favorite themed music to create a wonderful digital memory keepsake. All of the money goes to help Vera.

Questions? Feel free to post them here, or you can e-mail Jenn directly at

Starting Bid: $50

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)

ENDED: Birch knitting needles

I've noticed that some of you posting sell knit items, so I thought there might be in an interest in these:

I have four pairs of gorgeous birch Art Deco-style knitting needles, NEW IN PACKAGING, in sizes #3, #8, #10, and #13. My mother gave these to me last Christmas and I have no idea why; frankly I've never had any interest in knitting and neither has she. (Which may be why I got them--she's a notorious regifter. She's twice given me back the same damn thing I gave her, once with a turnaround of only a couple weeks. PEARL EARRINGS at that!)

Back on point--these silky-smooth Brittany needles are lovingly made in Northern California from sustainably harvested hardwood. These four pairs are still in their original cardboard sleeves. The sleeves are in acceptable condition for a gift, no more wear than you'd see from a store shelf. I truly think these needles would make a beautiful, earth-conscious gift for, y'know, someone who actually cares to knit. Which was never me; which is why they are in such superb condition.

VALUE: $30 according to the Brittany Needles website. (That's $7 each for the smaller pairs and $9 for the #13.)

Auction includes shipping within U.S. as well as a... roll of something that came with the needles, I want to say it's YARN. :) Label lost. Brown and itchy. How's that for the hard sell?

Starting price: $15.

If you don't mind, if you're not the first bidder, make your bid a response to the first bidder, continuing thus into a chain. That way, eBay style, the first bidder will know they've been outbid and have an opportunity to respond.

ENDED: edit

I will thoroughly copyedit your manuscript (no minimum word count - to 50K). I am a grammarian who has been finding grammatical mistakes in the assignments of first-year university students for approximately 25 years, and am fluent in American and British/formal Canadian spelling. (I have a Master's degree in English plus education classes).

I am also willing to offer editing advice on theme, plot, characters, etc., but will not do this unless asked! This can be negotiated. 

(See my profile here or at

Minimum bid: $5.00 U.S.

Offer: Tarot Readings (buy it now & auction)

Offers have been reset for an ending date of Dec 9, 2008. Specialty readings that have been purchased are no longer available for any auction.

Collapse )

Standard Decks & Readings: 10 Celtic/Little Cross readings available
Readings: Celtic Cross (10 cards), Little Cross (5 cards), Three Eyes (3 cards)
Decks: Aquarian (this is my most used deck), Casanova (NWS), Classic (Woodcut) (no images), Dante, Da Vinci, Dragon, Goddess, Universal Waite

How to get a Specialty Reading:
1. Bid in comments with deck and amount. Easy! Bidding for this round (possibly the only round if y'all wear me out) will close Tuesday, December 9, at 7pmEST.

Specialty Decks (readings dependent on the deck itself and your question) One of each available
i. Amber Tarot: based on the books of Roger Zelazny (plain minor cards, illustrated Majors), classic and fantastical (starting bid $30)
ii. Blake Tarot: art by William Blake, layouts based on the writings of Blake, eclectic and creative (starting bid $50)
iii. Giger: Major Arcana only, art and layouts from the works of H.R. Giger, very dark (starting bid $50)
iv. Osho Transformation Tarot: from Osho, stories of change and transformation (starting bid $30)
v. Osho Zen Tarot: from Osho, a gentle deck, very wise cards (starting bid $30)
vi. Thoth Tarot: Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, a rather independent-minded deck (starting bid $50)
vii. Inner Child Cards: the card images linked do not do this deck justice, children's tales and myths and talismans come together in a striking and insightful deck that is excellent for handling delicate inner matters (starting bid $40)

I reserve the right to request that you select a different question than the one you send me, for whatever strange reason happens to occur in my head -- this is unlikely, but I do need to include that disclaimer.
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ENDED -- Katharine Kerr books on Offer

1. The very rare Gollanz hardback of POLAR CITY NIGHTMARE, written by me, Katharine Kerr that is, and Kate Daniel. This book was never published in any form in the USA. I'll sign it, of course. In brand-new condition. Features interplanetary baseball games. Minimum bid: $20.00

2. The Tor Books hardback of SNARE, written by me alone, also signed -- with a fulsome dedication should you want one. Brand-new condition. Minium bid: $10.00

3. The DAW Books hardback of the latest Deverry novel, THE SHADOW ISLE, also by me, of course, cover by Jody Lee with two, count-em, 2! dragons portrayed. Brand new, signed, dedicated, as above. Minimum bid: $10.00

ENDING DATE: December 14, 9 pm PST.

Shipping: I will ship by media mail in the USA. For overseas bids, please add $5, 2 pounds, or 4 Euros to the price, because you really don't want me to send it surface mail, do you?

Please place any additional bids as comments to the original bid, not to this entry, so that the original bidders will be notified.

Thank you! Let's get that sewage out of Vera's front yard!
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ENDED: Homemade crystallized/candied ginger

I've recently learned to turn fresh ginger root into candied (aka crystallized) ginger at home. It's chewy and delicious, just like store-bought--though, I would argue, much stronger in spice (due to freshness) than you can buy in a store.

If you place the winning bid, I will prepare a fresh batch for you, finishing with a full 2 lb. of candied ginger, suitable for many awesome recipes or just adventurous snacking. (Also, if you don't use it much: it will keep for eternity.)

Includes free mainland U.S. shipping.

Starting price: $8.

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)

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ENDED: Offer: More Goodies from Another Browncoat

More items from the Austin Browncoats. Brenda is offering a bunch of goodies, including some delicious loose leaf tea! :)

1. Abdominal Exercise Ball by Fit Ball USA (new in box); 65 cm - the #1 Burst Resistant Ball - Starting Bid: $10

2. New 4 oz tin of Adagio Christmas tea - premium Ceylon black tea flavored with spicy cinnamon, cloves, and orange - Starting Bid: $4

3. New 6 pack of Adagio Holiday Sampler tea - 6 small tins in one package offer a variety of premium teas. Flavors include candy apple, candy cane, chestnut, cranberry, gingerbread and pumpkin spice. - Starting Bid: $8

4. New in box - Angel Season 5 figure - Starting Bid: $10

5. Lot of three pre-owned DVDs - Awake (2007), Silent Hill (2006), Talk to Me (2007) - Starting Bid: $7

Please make sure to mention the specific item you're bidding on and thank you!

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)

Custom pet portrait

Up for auction: a custom portrait, 8x10 or larger, of your favorite furry family member (or scaly, or slimy--or even your favorite zoo animal, I'm at your literal bidding) to be rendered according to your specifications in your choice of two media. 

Oil pastels on heavyweight brown sketch paper:

Or acrylics on canvas board:

As nice a gift as this would make, being a custom product, I can't guarantee it'll be even completed by Christmas, let alone delivered.

Opening price: $60

Buy it Now: $130

(If you are second bidder or later, please place your bid as a reply to the previous bid. This way existing bidders will be alerted to new bids and can stay in the game. Thank you.)