Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote in helpvera,
Living for the Revel

Rare Manuscript/Jewelry Auction

Ok, it's been requested, so here it is:

Up for auction:

1 unpublished novel by World Fantasy Award nominee Catherynne M. Valente, who is me. Entitled Under in the Mere, it is a surrealistic Arthurian novel set in California.

This book is utterly unavailable anywhere but on my hard-drive, but can be printed, bound, and signed for the highest bidder. Only one of these is on the block--this book is languishing in the wonderful limbo created by our foundering economy, but will hopefully be sold before the universe combusts, and therefore I don't want to be accused of having self-published it in some roundabout way.

Opening bid: $20.

Also, I can offer a custom piece of jewelry based on the Norilana Book of your choice. You can see examples of my work at the omikuji_project  community--look for the lottery winners.

Opening Bid: $20.

Tags: book, fantasy, jewelry, offer, unpublished novel
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